An ice cream and frozen custard business based here in Michigan will be featured in an episode of 'Undercover Boss' which airs tonight on CBS.

The episode airs locally on WNEM-TV 5 here in the Flint area.

Rita's Italian Ice has locations in Holland and in the Metro Detroit area. Some of the episode that airs tonight was filmed in the Holland location.

This is not the first time Undercover Boss has come to Michigan. In 2019 the CEO of Rally's and Checkers was featured on the show, and some of the episode was filmed at Flint's Corunna Rd. location.

Linda L. Chadwick is the President and CEO of the company. The premise of the show is to have the big boss go undercover, donning a disguise and taking on an entry-level job at one of the company's locations in order to get an overview of how the business operates from the workers' perspective.

Chadwick's career in fast food began as a teenager and she held many different positions in the industry.

"I progressed quickly because I love the sense of urgency, I love the pace," she says in the preview video below. "A lot of my friends said that I bleed catsup and it's probably true."

Chadwick goes on to say that a lot of naysayers said she couldn't make it as a high power executive while being a single parent. She said that those doubters actually inspired her to prove them wrong.

She joined Rita's as the President and CEO in 2017 and found that the company had a lot of challenges that needed to be addressed.

"Rita's needs modernizing," she notes.

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