Hunter Craig Sulk of Menominee, Michigan, situated in the Upper Peninsula, captured intriguing footage believed to depict Bigfoot. The evidence was captured on one of the numerous trail cameras he had positioned on his property.

Craig Sulk didn't want to tell anyone about what he believed he witnessed on his cameras because he figured they would just call him crazy. So instead he reached out to the folks at Animal Planet who produce the show “Finding Bigfoot” and he showed them what he caught on camera. The very next day, they said they were coming to Michigan to investigate.

According to the New York Post,  Animal Planet was massively impressed by the fact Craig had managed to get three snaps of the mysterious creature.

Animal Planet was so impressed with his findings that they featured it on the show.

Sulk captured the footage back in 2012 but unfortunately is no longer with us to talk about it as he passed away from a rare form of cancer a few years ago.

I would love for the photo/video to be real but like most Bigfoot findings, it's really hard to tell with the evidence provided. Do I believe it's possible? Sure.

There are plenty of so-called Sasquatch sightings in the Upper Peninsula but the problem with that is the fact that sightings aren't proof.

I think we'll find out that aliens truly do exist before we'll ever find a real Bigfoot.

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