How many "Bigfoot" searches have you seen on TV? In the very best of them you get a grainy, distant shot of what might be Bigfoot. Maybe the search just got more important to a whole new group. It has been reported that Spike TV is going to be offering $10 million to the first person that can find him.

Reality TV has had some big jackpots, but none bigger than this one....$10 million bucks! The show coming next fall is called the '10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.'

As it stands right now, depending on where Bigfoot is found, it could mean a "dead or alive" bounty. Some states have laws that would permit the killing of such a creature. The show is trying to work out the final ruling. The $10 million bounty is in conjunction with  insurance giant Lloyd's of London.

The significant reward is sure to inspire some scientists and outdoorsmen to take up the hunt. Watch for it next fall as reality TV hits the the $10 million dollar mark!