A Republican nominee for the Michigan House of Representatives is trying to do damage control after allegedly making a controversial comment about rape.

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In a Facebook Live and YouTube video - both of which have been taken down - Robert 'RJ' Regan made the controversial comments while sharing his thoughts on the 2020 Presidential election. Regan, a devout supporter of former President Donald Trump, was discussing a possible "decertification of the election."

What Did Robert Regan Say?

While discussing the possibility of a vote to decertify the 2020 presidential election, Regan reportedly said, "having three daughters, I tell my daughters, 'if rape is inevitable, you should just [sic] lay back and enjoy it.'"

Shortly after the comment was made, show host, Adam de Angeli noted that the videos would likely be removed from their respective channels.

Show Host Attempts Clarification

WXYZ's Ross Jones spoke with de Angeli, who attempted to clarify the controversial comment, saying Regan "misspoke." Jones shared the contents of that conversation on his Twitter page, saying host Adam de Angeli believes Regan was trying to equate "not contesting the election *would be like* telling his daughters to lay back and enjoy rape."

Mr. de Angeli added, "Maybe not the best analogy, but he was speaking extemporaneously."



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