You suspect it's true and you may even have a few choice words every six months when you pay your bill. Michigan has the highest car insurance rates in the entire US.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Michigan?

Market Watch Guides crunched the data from Quadrant Information Services in order to determine the cost of car insurance for drivers in each state. The average driver in Michigan pays $3,643 per year for car insurance which is 81% more than the national average.

(Data provided is based on full coverage for a 35-year-old driver with good credit and a clean driving record.)

Obviously, factors like tickets, at-fault accidents, and Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) convictions can increase drivers' insurance rates. Rates are also impacted by the type of vehicle being insured.

How Much Do Drivers in Other States Pay for Car Insurance?

On average, motorists pay $2,008 per year for car insurance in the United States. Again, this is for full coverage with no applicable discounts for multiple vehicles or upfront payments.

According to the data, Florida is right behind Michigan, with an annual premium of $3,244. Louisiana, Delaware, and Nevada round out the Top 5 states paying the highest rates.

If you're looking for the most-affordable car insurance in the US, you'll need to move to Vermont. (It's beautiful there!) Vermont drivers pay an average $1,199 per year for full coverage, 40% less than the national average.

Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Tennessee round out the Top 5 states with the least expensive insurance.


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