"We’re not sure what sports are going to look like in the fall, so this can serve a greater purpose.”

So...what the heck is going on with school in a couple of months? Your guess is as good as ours. We haven't even figured out what school will look like, so sports and other events are an afterthought at this point.

Let's say, in the best-case scenario, that kids are allowed to play sports in the fall. There are a LOT of sports happening, but the caveat seems to be the audience - can anybody actually watch the game?

Now, they can, thanks to the National Federation of State High School Associations. Schools who are members will receive two free Pixellot cameras to broadcast their events and stream them to the world.

Streaming would also be a way for schools to recoup the revenue that they'd be losing from having a smaller audience...or none of at all. A subscription costs $10.99 per month and allows you to stream events from all around the country.

And yes, the streaming service is available for non-athletic events, too. So far, more than 150 Michigan high schools already use the service, and some have used it this spring for graduation ceremonies.

This is fantastic, but we really, REALLY need to figure out the classroom settings before we leap-frog into sports and events. I still don't know what my son's school will be doing in the fall, and that needs to come first. However, I understand that sports, music, theatre,

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