Bumper stickers and window stickers can be cute. But having this particular type of sticker on your car is an invitation for trouble. Make it a resolution in the new year to keep your family safe.

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You may have a sticker on your car that expresses your love for being a Hippie. Or maybe you just want to brag about your honor student or how amazing your kid is at sports.

You may even want to flaunt your political affiliation and your love for certain candidates or leaders. (Side note:  Personally, I'd like to discourage you from doing that. Just sayin'.)

Everything is a Clue for Criminals

You may be driving around, unwittingly sharing an open invitation with crooks. Police in Los Angeles County are warning drivers about the dangers of oversharing.

The department notes that seemingly harmless stickers and decals - especially those that indicate how many members are in your family - may give clues to thieves about who is home and who's not. Combine that with the visible contents of your car, and crooks may even be able to tell when your family is on vacation.

Additionally, a bumper sticker that says, "High School Honor Student" may indicate where your child attends school.

"Don't give criminals free information about yourself or your family by the way of bumper stickers or decals," the department warns. "Don't make yourself or your home vulnerable. Criminals are always looking for opportunities, hints, and tools to commit crimes."


Oh, the Irony

So this is a little awkward. In order for me to legally use the image above, I have to share the link to this product on Amazon. So here's a link to the very stickers we're warning you not to put on your car. Oh, the irony.

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