President Joe Biden has put pressure on Michigan with the new vaccine mandate, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration says they will have 30 days to adopt the new vaccine guidelines.

This is not going to go over smoothly.

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On Thursday, in Illinois, the president said, “Vaccination requirements result in more people getting vaccinated in the past few weeks as more and more organizations implemented their own requirements they’ve seen their vaccination rates rise dramatically.”


Representing about 5,000 businesses, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce says they are hearing a lot of concern from businesses regarding this mandate and they are worried about retaining employees and how this might impact the workforce.


Oh man, I feel the hate that's gonna come from this, especially here in Michigan. This state in particular has made the national news a few times for the number of protests that Michiganders are willing to do. Recently the President came to Michigan and he was not greeted with a warm welcome. People stood in the street chanting "F**K Joe Biden" as the president road down the street to a press conference. This mandate is gonna definitely cause some major friction.

I'm just dropping a word of caution for those that work in the government. Don't forget, a Michigan militia did plan to kidnap the governor. Now that's a whole other level of crazy.

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