Heart = melted! A Michigan mother shared the video below of her four-year-old daughter walking for the first time, just months after she underwent a major spinal procedure.

"I'm walking, yes!" Maya Tisdale exclaimed in the video that has been going viral. "I even took a big step."

Ann Tisdale said surgeons told her it could take up to a year for her daughter to walk when she had surgery in May.

"We were practicing her sit-to-stand (exercise) and she had never actually done that without her cane, so I got the video camera out," Ann Tisdale said.  "I called my husband to the room so he could watch her do that, and he was the one who prompted her to take a step, and she just started doing it, so it was pretty amazing because she did two new things."

Maya Tisdale was born in 2013 as a micro preemie, weighing 1 pound and 10 ounces, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Her mother says 'Mighty Miss Maya' practices her physical therapy skills every day and is determined to walk independently one day.

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