After moderate success with its Detroit-inspired video game 'Angry Kwames', 313 Games is back with yet another tongue-in-cheek video game, 'Crack Man'. This latest entry in the Android market takes potshots at Toronto's favorite crack-smoking buffoon, Mayor Rob Ford.

Players "help 'Crack Man' avoid the Five-O and get the stuff, eh?" The 'Pac Man' parody is a free download for Android, available on Google Play.

The game's developer says he likes to make games that are fun, quick, and funny, and says his games are an extension of his personality.

"As for my latest app Crack-Man, I think that one shows my range, and so the reaction I get is 'Hey that plays just like 'whatchamacallit.'' It sounds familiar, looks familiar and plays spot on. Plus it is free, and it is that free part that gets the most compliments."

Games that showcase controversial public figures seem to be his specialty, as rough plans are being made to develop games that feature Justin Bieber, and (Detroit City Councilmen) George Cushingberry and Charles Pugh. An updated, highly interactive 'Angry Kwames II' is also in the works, this time utilizing the skills of digital artists, programmers, and music composers. 313 Games hopes to make that game its most-dynamic and successful game yet.

Although 'Crack Man' has not yet achieved mainstream success, its developer tells Cars 108 he chooses to measure success in a different way.

"I feel if you download my app and it makes you laugh, well then my app was successful."

- George McIntyre
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