Michigan residents are now legally allowed to start lighting fireworks off to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, but safety should still be a top concern.

Under the new Michigan laws, people were allowed to start lighting off fireworks on June 29th. Residents are allowed to light off fireworks every day until 11:45pm, through July 5th. The laws changed in Michigan back in 2019, but if you live in any sort of residential neighborhood, you know that very few people pay attention to the fireworks laws.

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I should probably get this out there, that I am not the person to ask about lighting off home fireworks.

I have an irrational fear of all home fireworks, and before you ask, yes even sparklers. There's no tragic backstory or anything, I've just always been extremely nervous around them. So when it comes to lighting them off, I keep my distance . . . like I'll probably leave when someone starts their home displays. I just don't want to end up like our friend Terry.

There's no way to write about fireworks without including Terry.

Aside from the safety concerns around lighting off fireworks at home, there are plenty of other great reasons that you should follow the guidelines.

The noise and lights that bigger fireworks cause are part of the fun for most of us, but it can be traumatic for some. Many people suffer from different forms of PTSD that can be triggered by the loud explosions and bright lights. There's also the issue of people with pets that are scared of the fireworks.

Even though I'm not a fan of home fireworks, I would never say that they should not be allowed. All I'm saying is that if you are planning on putting on your own fireworks display, that you give your neighbors a heads up. They can't stop you from doing it during the allotted times, but at least they can leave the area if they know about it ahead of time.

If you have someone lighting fireworks outside of the time frame given by the state, you can file a complaint here, or just call your local police department.

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