Get introduced to the most leather-clad church around.

I caught this article in the Lansing State Journal about the Victory Biker Church at 12190 Miller Road in Lennon, and I had no idea that this was around. I mean, I've heard of biker gangs, but I feel like the Victory Biker Church is not going to be pulling any sort of Sons of Anarchy shenanigans anytime soon.

According to the article, this Church is a gathering of people who are a "come as you are" type of crowd. Think Harley's, rock & roll, boots, leather vests, community, and bandannas on a Sunday. Sounds pretty cool to me, and I'm an Atheist!

I noticed on their website:, there are a few of the core principles that they list for the organization:

  • Study of the Bible, our owner’s manual for life.
  • Strengthening the Family and our brother/sisterhood.
  • Provide an atmosphere that affirms and supports the Biker way of life (motorcycles, leather, tattoos, etc).
  • Promoting an environment of freedom & liberty for all people.

Not too shabby.

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