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Here's proof that you just can't trust anyone these days.

A Metro Detroit family is reminding others to use safe meeting spaces after their purebred old English bulldog puppies were stolen.

Teresa Grimley and her family are dog breeders and say two of their puppies were stolen from them in a McDonald's parking lot. The pups are each valued at over $2,500.

Grimley tells Fox 2 that her husband and son met up with the man who wanted to see the puppies in person before he put a deposit down on them. But the man pulled a fast one and stole the dogs out of the back of the Grimley's vehicle. Teresa's son called her with the bad news.

"He said, 'I'm telling you, mom, we were sitting in the Jeep, the back door opened, the guy grabbed the dogs,'" she said.

After the incident, Allen Park Detective James Thorburn told Fox 2 that's it's best to arrange meetings with strangers at a local police department when you're planning to buy or sell something.

"Who doesn't do Facebook Marketplace it's so easy to say come to my house, don't meet at the house take that extra go to your local police department," he said.

Grimley says she hopes the pups are returned to her, no questions asked. She's also concerned about the wellbeing of the dogs.

"It's not about the money, this is about the puppies," she said. "They are still suckling from the mother and even if they weren't, they need that nurturing until eight weeks."

(We hope that in the process, the puppies pee on the thief's favorite clothes.)

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