A Michigan mom says her family barely survived a gender reveal party after her son choked on a cupcake that had just revealed his new sibling's sex.

Before we go any further, let's clarify and state right up front that the little boy in the video below survived, and he's doing just fine.

A Scary Moment for a Grand Rapids Family

But it was a horrifying moment, especially for those of us watching Peg Thebald's TikTok video (below), since Peg and her husband seemed oblivious at the time that their son was in crisis mode.

In the now-viral video, the Theobalds, along with their two sons from Grand Rapids, gathered to bite into cupcakes that would reveal the gender of their third child.

Her husband waffles, guessing that they're going to have a girl, then changing his mind a few seconds later.

"I'm guessing girl," son Everson exclaims as each member of the family holds up a plate with a cupcake for the camera.

Everson then says, "It's a big cupcake, I might not be able to bite it."

On the count of three, the Theobalds bite into their cupcakes. At this point, it's unclear what sex the cupcakes have revealed.

Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong

As the parents celebrate the news they've just learned, they don't notice that Everson is in distress.

Without losing eye contact with the camera, Everson tries to say, "I can't breathe." His parents quickly step in to help once they realize their son is choking.

"Are you okay? Take a breath, buddy," his dad exclaims.

At that point, Everson appears to fall over as the video cuts out.

He's OK

Peg Theobald clarified what happened and revealed the sex of their third child on her Instagram account.

  1. It's a girl.
  2. My son is OK
  3. He didn't fall or pass out at the end, he stepped off a stool he was on.
  4. Thanks for all the congratulations.


@theobaldpartyof5 Watch as our family barely survives a cupcake #gendereeveal ♬ original sound - Theobald Party of Five

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