A family in Michigan has decided to concentrate on their one-year-old son's quality of life, as his battle with leukemia draws to an end.

Gabe Crowe was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just nine months old. His parents tell WJBK that since his diagnosis, he has spent about half his time in the hospital. Now, the Mt. Clemens family has devised a bucket list for Gabe, in order for him to live life to its fullest for as long as he has left.

"We are weighing the options to determine if the trauma of treatments going forward will outweigh the utility," Melissa Crowe said. "We don't want him to be unnecessarily traumatized for little gain. Right now, he'll be getting some treatment that will keep him feeling good. He hasn't been able to live his life fully before now, so we're ready to do that."

"Visit the humane society and pet a million dogs" is on Gabe's bucket list. The list also includes building a snowman, sledding, a trip to the aquarium and a party to celebrate his second birthday. You can see more Gabe's list and learn more here.

Crowe notes that they've received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and strangers alike.

"I always tell people this is one of the worst situations I could ever be in. But there's so much good that's come out of it," Melissa Crowe said. "We're trying out best, which could be one of our darkest times in our lives, but there is so much joy and we try to find the joy every day."

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