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Sophia Pluchinsky made her debut into this world a little early. Not only was she about five weeks premature, but Sophia was also upside down and ready to be born before her folks arrived at the hospital.

Mom Hannah Houghton and Dad Kaleb Pluchinsky were en route to a Grand Rapids area hospital when Hannah sounded the alarm that Sophia was coming.

“My contractions were two and half minutes apart, so I was like, ‘We’ll make it, we’ll make it,’” said Houghton.

But Sophia had other ideas.

Houghton's water broke while they were in the car and she tells Fox 17 that she felt Sophia coming.

“He pulled the car over, rushed over to my side of the car, and had to go into extreme daddy mode I guess,” said Houghton. “He ended up delivering her right there.”


Kaleb tells the TV station he had no idea what he was doing but credits emergency dispatchers for walking him through the delivery of his daughter.

“They were very informative,” said Pluchinsky. “They kept us calm and reassured us that everything was going to be fine.”

After her arrival, Sophia wasn't crying or moving. Houghton and Pluchinsky rushed her to Saint Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids and let the medical professionals take over.

Sophia, who was born on Thursday (4/1) is now beginning to thrive. Her parents expect that she'll be able to come home from the hospital sometime in May.



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