It wasn't the wedding that Mike and Becky Brown had dreamed of. The East Lansing couple got married in a virtually empty church last Monday (3/23), just hours before Govern Whitmer's Stay-Home-Stay-Safe initiative went into effect. Their wedding was live-streamed to family and friends throughout Michigan and the US.

The Browns had planned to hold a ceremony a few days later on Saturday in the presence of about 120 guests. As coronavirus began its rapid spread in Michigan the couple decided to change their plans at the last moment.

Becky, a Presbyterian minister in Lansing, spent four months planning the wedding. The change of plan was somewhat of a disappointment, but the bride chooses to look on the bright side.

"It’s still the start of our marriage together," Becky said. "There’s still a lot of joy in it."

Brown tells the Lansing State Journal that she recalls joking with her husband-to-be a few weeks beforehand, saying that she'd better pick up the marriage license just in case the government shuts down.

Video of the couple's wedding is below. Becky was accompanied as she walked down the aisle with her beloved, 10-year-old dog, Marvin.

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