A West Michigan couple plans to get married this weekend in front of about 120 cardboard guests.

Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson spent months planning their nuptials. About 150 guests had planned to attend their wedding this weekend before Michigan's Stay-Home-Stay-Safe initiative went into effect. The couple then had to change course.

“We were excited when everything was pretty well put together for the original plan," Stuglik tells WOOD-TV. "They talk about maybe having a plan B, a plan C. I  feel like we’ve been through the alphabet twice now."

Dan had the idea to buy some cardboard and make a few cardboard cutouts. He went to Menasha Packaging in Coloma, just north of St. Joseph. The company came up with several different designs in order to fill the pews with cutouts.

"We just envisioned a regular silhouette of just like an oval head and a body, but they made four different designs of adults and they made some into couples,” Amy Simonson said. “We had no connection with the factory and he just went in and they got on board and went above and beyond. We felt really loved.”

We wish the happy couple the very best. Please recycle your guests responsibly when the ceremony is over.

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