Kyle and Danielle Williams of Belleville, Michigan, got the surprise of their lives - it's a boy, not a girl!

To quote Dr. Spaceman from NBC's 30 Rock, "Medicine is not an exact science."

If you watched the show, you'd know that Dr. Spaceman wasn't exactly "rowing with both oars." Still, mistakes can be made. And when the doctor looked at the ultrasound, the couple was informed that they were having a little girl. They were going to name her Charlee.

When Danielle had her c-section, she and her husband were shocked to find out that their baby came with an....attachment. They named him Bentley Thomas. And then, they invited the baby's grandma in to change a diaper, just to catch her shock and surprise on camera.

Here's the full story from TODAY.

What an amazing story to tell that little boy when he grows up! Of course, I'm being  practical thinker here...what about all the pink stuff that they got for their baby shower?!

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