Kip and Kyren Orfield's August 12th wedding ceremony almost ended in sadness, until a wrestling company and their guests pulled together a surprise.

They were getting married at The Crofoot in Pontiac and had actually moved the time of their wedding up so that they could attend a wrestling show that night in Livonia. During the day, somebody got into the room where Kyren was getting ready and stole $1,600 out of her purse - money that was going to be used to pay her wedding vendors.

Also stolen were the tickets to the wrestling show.

Guests contacted the show's management, and the company offered to "take care of them" that night. They were given seats in the third row, wrestlers bought them drinks and took pictures with them. They even got a round of applause from the crowd.

Since then, they've been invited to other wrestling events around the country and in Canada. They've filed a police report in Oakland County, but say that the robbery was a "blessing in disguise."

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