Andrew Clark comes from a long line of boys, as there hasn't been a pink blanket in his family in 138 years. But he and his wife Carolyn have changed that, breaking a girl drought that has lasted more than a century.

Mom in Disbelief

Carolyn Clark tells Good Morning America that when she started dating her husband, he told her that there had been no girls born into his family since 1885.

"He was like, 'Oh, we don't have girls,'" she says in the video below. "I thought he was just messing with me."

Carolyn says Andrew's parents confirmed the claim, noting that although uncles and cousins have had girls, there hadn't been a girl in Andrew's direct lineage in over 100 years.

Breaking the Streak

Andrew and Carolyn make their home in Caledonia, Michigan, about 20 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. The couple had a four-year-old son named Cameron and decided to grow their family.

Carolyn was hopeful for a girl, but then the couple suffered two miscarriages. She was cautious when she became pregnant again.

"We honestly didn't care if we were having a boy or girl at that point," she told GMA. "We just were thankful to be pregnant and just praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby."

Their daughter Audrey was born on March 17. The couple didn't know they were expecting a girl until they bit into cookies filled with pink icing at a gender-reveal party.

"We kept it a secret to ourselves as well," Andrew told GMA. "So I just assumed it was going to be blue in the center of the cookies."

Andrew quipped that it was difficult to come up with girl names because his family hadn't had to in so long.


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