Think of it as a mask for your building. A Livonia company has developed a whole-building filtration system that they hope will make people feel more comfortable as they return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, you still have to wear a face mask.

The product is called Airotrust and it combines a high-quality filter with a metal housing that attaches around cold-air return vents. The filter attaches to the housing with magnets.

Matt Carr is the president of Storch Products in Livonia, the company that developed the product. Carr said many of his employees expressed concerns about air quality when they were asked to come back to work during the pandemic.

"How this started was real simple. We were tasked with bringing back 22 of 27 people that were laid off," Carr tells WJBK. "If I take this filter, it's a dual-layer filter and I put it inside of this housing from Airotrust. It simply lines up with the grid and magnetically sticks on."

There's not yet proof that Airotrust is effective at mitigating the spread of coronavirus, but Carr is optimistic.

"It allows you to really put one of these systems on like a cold air ventilation inlet, which is going to offer secondary protection right at the inlet source," Carr says. "If masks have proven to be efficient - a mask for your building can be nothing but a benefit to you."

You can shop for Airotrust products here.

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