Students at Northern Michigan University came together to help out the NMU Food Pantry when they needed it most.

The food pantry at Northern Michigan is a charity foundation that helps students, faculty and college staff, that may be dealing with food issues. The pantry had reached dangerously low levels recently, and was at risk of not being able to help those in need. The pantry holds many fundraisers, but the pandemic has made it extremely hard to keep the shelves stocked. That's when NMU students stepped in to lend a hand.

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The food pantry put out the call for help when they realized that the supplies were getting so low, and NMU students stepped in to help.

They started a donation program called 'Share Your Dining Dollars' where students could donate any unused funds on their dining cards to the food pantry. Nobody knew exactly what to expect since this was a spur of the moment drive in very desperate times. The student's did not let their food pantry down though.

According to the food pantry's Facebook post, more than 130 students donated their unused funds totaling more than $5,000. The food pantry was able to take that money and stretch the dollars much further through their buying power. When it was all said and done, the pantry was able to refill their shelves to a level higher than what they normally are at!

I love the idea of a college running their very own food pantry for students a staff. It teaches the kids there that food shortages are real part of everyday life, and nothing to be ashamed of. It also gives a look inside the business of running an nonprofit, while helping out others in your community. It really is a win win situation for everyone involved.

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