Your pizza is about to take on a whole new vibe.

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The Detroit based Little Caesars Pizza is introducing a new plant based pepperoni topping to their menu. They will also be serving up the new Planteroni pizza featuring the topping. Locations in Detroit  will be among the select few in the country to offer the new vegetarian friendly pizza and topping.

According to USA Today,Little Caesars partnered with Greenleaf Foods Field Roast brand, who is the maker of plant-based meat and cheese products, to launch its Planteroni pizza in five U.S. markets, including the Detroit area.

Now, I am a tad skeptical when it comes to foods that are being made to taste like other foods, but Little Caesars is encouraging pizza lovers to give the new product a chance before deciding it's not for you.

“We want our customers to set aside their preconceived notions about plant-based meat because this product is really going to surprise them,” Little Caesars' chief marketing officer Jeff Klein said in a statement.

In addition to the the meatless with a twist pizza, the plant-based topping is available as part of the Slices-N-Sticks that includes half of a Planteroni Pizza and half breadsticks.

“This is a huge moment for pizza lovers because for the first time, they have access to a zesty, bold -plant-based pepperoni made with pea protein that absolutely delivers on taste,”  Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods, owner of the Field Roast brand said. “We believe every occasion deserves bold, inspired flavors—we’re excited to work with Little Caesars to deliver on that promise.”

While vegetarians may be rejoicing in the new Planteroni pizza option. vegans are still quick to point out that the pepperoni is the only vegan-friendly/plant-based feature of the pizza.  Little Caesars hasn't yet started offering any dairy-free cheese substitutions, but that could be coming soon.

You can do your own taste test by grabbing a regular-size Planteroni pizza for $8.49 at a participating Little Caesars near you.


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