Hey, cool, someone is once again trying to scam Apple users.

According to WXYZ, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has issued a warning to Michiganders about an Apple tech scam.

A Michigan woman recently got screwed pretty good after she fell for a scam which resulted in her losing a bunch of money. The scammer contacted the woman and told her that her phone needed a security update and of course, she fell for it.

He said he could assist her with the problem and she unknowingly gave the scammer remote access to her phone. That dude transferred $1,000 out of her bank account. What a freaking nightmare.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel:

Whether the call is coming from a live person or a robocall, Michiganders must be cautious whenever contacted by unsolicited callers, particularly when those individuals are seeking access to your personal devices, like a smartphone, tablet or computer. As more people are working and attending school from home, we are relying more heavily than before on our electronic devices. Scammers are crafty, and they are constantly identifying new ways to attempt to steal personal information, so Michiganders must be on the lookout for anything that seems suspicious.

Your best bet is to not answer unknown calls, if it's that important, they can leave a message. I can tell you right now, Apple is not going around calling people telling them they need an update on their phones.

There's a lot of naive people out there when it comes to this stuff. I'm sure this woman had no idea what was happening.

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