If you've ever thought that Michigan has a higher-than-average number of speed traps, you're right.

Just exactly how high does the Mitten rank?

The National Motorist Association's Speed Trap Exchange ranks Michigan fifth among US states and Canadian Providences in its just-released 2012 poll results. South Carolina and the District Of Columbia are the only US areas with more traps per capita, with Ontario and Nova Scotia ranking at number one and two respectively.

The complete list is compiled based on the number of affirmations per 100,000 residents through polling conducted by the NMA.

According to the National Motorist Association:

Speed traps typically combine arbitrarily low speed limits with heavy traffic enforcement designed to generate ticket revenue. While the intent may be to modify driver behavior long-term, that is rarely the result. Speed traps keep springing up in the same locations, the issuance of tickets flows unabated, and there is no material effect on traffic safety. That is why the NMA advocates for increased speed limits in chronic speed trap areas supported by traffic studies and proven engineering principles.