Even from the grave, Michael Jackson will release a new album on December 14th. says Billboard.com. Read about the article, and listen to the song after the jump.

"Breaking News," the dancefloor-ready first taste of the upcoming Michael Jackson album "Michael," was posted in full today on the singer's website. The four-minute track, in which Jackson defends himself against his detractors and the media, will be included on the first posthumous album of original material from the King of Pop, set for a Dec. 14 release on Epic Records.

The song begins after 35 seconds of sound bytes from various news reporters who bemoan, "The paparazzi would not leave him alone" and "Here we go again, another lawsuit for Michael Jackson." Over a percolating beat and a racing string section, Jackson sings on the chorus, "Now is it strange that I fall in love/Who is this boogie man you're thinkin' of?"

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