Want to get completely creeped out? Go to Metamora, apparently.

I cannot believe, as a fan of horror movies, that I have not heard of this urban legend that takes place just a few miles from Lapeer. Let's dive into the story of 'Crying Baby Bridge' on Wilder road in Metamora.

According to intotheafterlifeparanormal.com, Metamora is a pretty freaky place with various alleged hunted places. The one we are focusing on is; 'Crying Baby Bridge'. Here's what they have to say about the urban legend:

It is said that a woman here had her car stall over the bridge. She got out to investigate and when she got back in her car, her child was gone. The child was found drowned in the river below the bridge.   It is said that you can hear a child cry in this spot.

Yikes! That is a horrible story. In order for me to try to seek out the specifics around this urban legend I decided to try my first stop and 'Google' it. I didn't find a whole lot of specific information, but I did find that there are a ton of 'Crying Baby' bridges around the country with similar legends.

Now, I'm confident that there wasn't some odd craze of hurting children on bridges that spanned across the Nation back in the day for some reason. I believe that maybe there is not a ton of merit to the urban legend when it comes to the bridge in Metamora.

But then again, I have not experienced the unsettling sound of a kids crying on this bridge. Have you?

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