Right now more than ever, teachers need some extra support as they gear up for a new type of "normal" school year. Whether they'll be teaching virtually, or in-person, teachers are in need of supplies to get their school year going.

Meijer has announced they will be offering teachers across the state a 15% discount on their classroom essentials as they kick-off the new school year. The special discount can be used to cover the many extras teachers find themselves paying for each year out of their own wallets. According to a National Center of Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, 94 percent of public school teachers say they spend their own money on notebooks, pens and other supplies without reimbursement. Some spend as much as $500.

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In a press release, Brandon Pasch, Director of Back-to-School Merchandising for Meijer said, "We recognize that our teachers are faced with many uncertainties as they head into the 2020 school year, so our goal is to help them shop with confidence anytime they are comfortable." He went on to say, "We know that flexibility is more important than ever and we hope that our annual summer-long 15 percent discount helps reduce their stress as they gather supplies for their classrooms and home offices."

Teachers can get the discount, a paper coupon, by showing a current school ID at their local Meijer Customer Service desk. Teachers will be able to keep using the coupon repeatedly by just getting a new one any time they head back to Meijer to shop. The discount is ongoing through September 28th. Meijer expects more than 80,000 teachers across the Midwest will take advantage of using the discount.

Most items educators need qualify for the discount, although there are some things excluded such as electronics and calculators. Teachers can get all the details by visiting the Meijer Back to School Site. 

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