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I'm always happy to put in a plug for Meijer. My wife is a Meijer associate in Swartz Creek and speaks highly of her coworkers and store managers. So when I tell you that Meijer is looking to hire about 1,000 new employees in Southeast Michigan, I can endorse (albeit a secondhand endorsement) that it's a good place to work.

And Meijer associates and their family members are eligible for scholarship opportunities. The Fred and Lena Meijer Scholarship program was established in 1975 and my son has been the recipient of three Meijer scholarships over the years.

According to Mlive, Meijer is looking to add about 1,000 people to its workforce in Flint, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. Positions include cashiers, overnight stockers, cake decorators, and meat cutters. Positions are part-time and some will be seasonal to accommodate additional customers during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Additional employees are needed because of the increased popularity of Meijer's grocery pick-up and Shipt services.

In a news release, the retailer touted additional benefits available to Meijer associates.

“Meijer team members receive weekly pay, team member discounts, paid parental leave, educational reimbursement, and flexible scheduling. They also have career advancement opportunities, access to health insurance options and the option for 401k retirement planning.”

You can apply in person, or visit this website to start the online application process.



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