I call him a goofball (among other things) but the truth is, I'm incredibly proud of him. My son Nick has been awarded a $4,000 scholarship from the Fred and Lena Meijer Scholarship Foundation.

He's in Germany right now, so he had to accept the giant check via Skype.

"I'm very grateful to get a scholarship again this year from the Fred and Lena Scholarship Fund. My mom has been a Meijer employee for three years now and we really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the scholarship program offered to associates' family members."


The Fred and Lena Scholarship program was established in 1975 for children of Meijer associates. A few years ago it was expanded to include team members as well.

The daughter of another team member who works with Denise at Meijer's Swartz Creek location received a $4,000 award this year as well.

Applicants are required to write an essay outlining their aspirations and educational goals. Once Nick completes his bachelor's degree at U of M Flint, he plans to attend medical school with his sights set on anesthesiology.

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