To look at Tink and watch her play, you'd never know anything is wrong. But when this friendly, energetic Labrador Retriever eats her meals, she has to be seated in a special doggy highchair known as a bailey chair.

Tink, who lives with her owners in Grand Rapids has a rare digestive condition known as Megaesophagus. Her vet, Dr. Jeremy Hutchinson tells Fox 17 that Tink's esophagus doesn't push her food to her stomach.

“The esophagus, how it works, is it kind of squeezes the food and water down in a wave-like motion.  We call that peristalsis.  And because she can’t do that, when she eats or drinks, the food just stays in the esophagus."

The Sullivans, who have had Tink since she was a puppy, then have to massage the dog's throat after meals and burp her much like you'd do with a baby.

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