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It goes without saying that life has changed dramatically for most of us as we've struggled to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

After losing his job in June of 2020, a New Jersey man decided to do something to help others in his community. Brian Schwartz realized that veterans and senior citizens in his community were struggling to keep up with their lawns during the pandemic and began mowing and doing yard work for them -- and he has been doing it for free.

Within days of losing his job with an advertising agency in New York City, Schwartz built the website I Want to Mow Your

And the idea has caught on. Lauren Laborde found herself in a similar situation, losing her job in the oil and gas industry during the pandemic. (See the second video below.) The mother of two is carrying out Schwartz's mission for seniors and veterans in the Houston area.

On his Go Fund Me page, Schwartz noted that he wanted to do something good for others rather than sit around a mope.

"It's been a stressful year in the news -- between the pandemic and all that has transpired, having a first newborn and trying to figure out life to provide for my family," he said. "Got tired of all the bad news. It only made sense to use the tools I had available combined with my love for grandparents."

Schwartz hopes to be able to carry on his quest to help others even after he gets back to work. He tells CBS that he's heard from several recently-unemployed people who are looking to volunteer their time as well.

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