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It's damn cold outside. You don't need to share this news with Dan O'Connor, he's already well aware of the cold air that currently has a grip on the Midwest.

Dan knows because he jumps into Lake Michigan every day. He's been following this regimen for the better part of a year now, adopting the ritual during the coronavirus pandemic.

And just for the record, it was 8 degrees outside with a windchill of -2 on the day WGN-TV caught up with Dan before his 241st consecutive jump.

So how did 'The Great Lake Jumper' adopt his daily routine? As you may have already guessed, he was looking for a way to cure a hangover.

"I wasn't feeling so great and came down here and thought it would be a good hangover helper and it felt great," he tells the TV station. "So I just continued to ride my bike down here and then when it got not bike-riding weather, I just started driving down here and walking out here and jumping in."

O'Connor, who lives just north of Chicago is a fan of the Windy City's local music scene and recognizes that musicians and venue owners have been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. He took the opportunity to remind people how important it is to support local musicians, putting in a plug for, an organization that helps support independently-owned venues throughout the city.


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