Noah Wells has been a fan of the Michigan Wolverines for all of his 15 years and now he's getting an opportunity to join the team.

A Teenager Who Has Learned to Overcome a Lot

Wells lives with a condition called  Jeune’s Syndrome. It's an affliction that doesn't allow the bones in his chest and ribcage to grow properly. According to Detroit's WDIV-TV, the teen has already gone through 66 operations at C.S. Children's Hospital.

His mother Trish Wells tells the TV station that he was diagnosed with Jeune's Syndrome he was just five years old. It was Trish who learned \about a program called Team Impact, which helps children with life-altering diseases form a relationship with sports teams that mean a lot to them.

Noah doesn't know life any other way.

“I’m just a normal kid, so I’m not sure I really feel like I deserve it,” Wells said. “But, It’s just a great opportunity.”


Getting Some Awesome Perks From the Team

Noah has received a bunch of swag from the University of Michigan including an autographed football from coach Jim Harbaugh. He's also had the opportunity to attend several practices with the team and has had a chance to see the game from a unique perspective.

Rod Moore is a player for the team. He tells WDIV that having Noah around is as much a benefit for the team as it is for him.

“It’s bigger than football,” Moore said. “So, just having him around and being able to have him a part of the team just makes the team feel good, and we’re gonna support him in any way we can.”


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