This is my golden retriever, Sammi. She is almost two years old and she suffers from what is described as "separation anxiety". In essence it means that when she is left alone, she gets panic attacks and is likely to destroy things in the house. I learned about Sammi's problem the very first time I left her in the house alone. She chewed two of the pillows off the couch, with pieces of the stuffing scattered throughout the front room.

It was at that point that cage training became an effective tool. She actually prefers to be in her cage while I am gone now.  Yesterday I decided to see if she had outgrown it, so I left her out for an hour while I went to the gym. Upon my return home I found that she still suffers from it, with the remnants of a hallway rug in tatters. So, we'll keep the cage handy until she is ready.....someday.

I think this might be a common malady for animals, although it is the first time I've experienced it with a golden retriever.

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