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The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says it will begin posting a report on COVID-19 outbreaks in Michigan's K-12 schools each Monday at 3 pm.

Click here for a breakdown of new and ongoing cases of COVID-19 as reported by Michigan schools and universities.

The department had planned to begin reporting information on outbreaks at K-12 schools in Michigan today. The information will be updated weekly. There were, however, some technical issues that delayed the release of information.

As of today, our news partner Mid-Michigan Now reports that there have been no reported cases in any Genesee County K-12 schools. There are, however, three reported cases of COVID-19 at one Shiawassee County school:

Three students who attend Bright Beginnings Learning Center in Morrice have been reported to test positive for coronavirus.

Lynn Sutfin, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, tells Mid-Michigan Now her department will be working closely with school administrators to track known cases of COVID-19 in order to initiate contact tracing.

"We are collecting more detailed information on school outbreaks and will report this information on Sept. 14 by school building," Sutfin said. "MDHHS is committed to providing accurate and timely information to keep students, parents, and educators safe."

Two or more cases of COVID-19 must be reported at a single school building in order for an outbreak to be declared.


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