Matthew Stafford is still riding high on his big Super Bowl win, so it's the perfect time to pop up in a commercial. In his latest ad, Stafford is talking "trades" and even gives a little nod to Detroit.

The new commercial for AT&T plays with the idea of trades. Now of course they are talking about trading in one cell phone for another, but is true marketing genius style, Stafford subtly addresses his move from being a Detroit Lion to a Los Angeles Ram.

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The ad is for AT&T's new phone trade-in program. In it, Stafford is getting all the details of the program from AT&T salesperson Lily. After laying it all out for the Super Bowl Champion quarterback, Stafford responds saying,

"So, you can take your old phone that you’ve had for 12 years and loved every minute of it, and trade it in for something new that suits your life now?" Stafford asks. "And enjoy immediate success? Even though you’ll never forget your old phone, ever."

It's the following exchange that really shows the wit and creative brilliance of the AT&T marketing team:

"It's a great trade," Lily says. "Life-changing," Stafford says, with an sassy wink into the camera.

So what do Lions fan think of the ad? Well, reviews have been mixed. Stafford was still considered "Detroit's" heading into the Super Bowl victory with many attaching the name Detroit Rams to the big game. Those are the folks that look at the ad as a nod to the Motor City.

Others on social media felt the ad was a bit of a slap to the town, and fans, that loved him for 12 season with the Detroit Lions.

However you feel about the message, you have to admit that the masterminds behind the ad completely nailed it with the cheeky vibe and the star.


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