Cena was euthanized in July after being diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

We brought you Cena's story on July 28thk, and now, he'll finally be laid to rest in South Lyon over the weekend.

Funeral convoys, including Jeeps with American flags, will lead a convoy of vehicles from Muskegon (where Cena was euthanized last month) to South Lyon, where he'll be interred. His owner and wartime partner, Jeff DeYoung, will be part of the convoy. A second convoy will meet up with the first. You can find all of the details on their Facebook page.

Once they reach South Lyon, Cena will be interred at the memorial for war dogs, which was discovered in 2010 and then restored in 2013.

The convoy won't be coming through Flint, but will pass to the south of us, if you'd like to watch. Bring. The. Kleenex.


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