Swimming in water where there's a chance there could be alligators is risky. Swimming in water where a sign reads "NO SWIMMING, ALLIGATORS" is just flat out stupid. That's what Texan Tommie Woodward decided to do. In fact after dinner with some friends, the 28-year-old walked out of a bar, shouted "F___ the gators!" and jumped in. He was attacked and killed almost instantly. Just minutes later, his body was floating in the water before it was dragged under once again.

It was a few days later that his friend, Bear, decided to get revenge even though it's not gator season. Bear shot the gator in the head, and when wildlife officials cut the beast open, they found some of Woodward's remains. In Texas, killing an alligator is a class C misdemeanor and comes with a $500 fine. Do you think Bear should face charges? The alligator didn't do anything wrong, Woodward did!

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