Rest in peace, Grand AM. Mom's got a new ride now.

Can we hire this guy to pull off future surprises for other people?

Have the tissues ready - some serious mother/son sweetness going on here.

Mychal Cockhern posted the heartwarming video to his Facebook page on Tuesday - he drove up to Flint from his home in Texas to surprise his mom with, what she THOUGHT was a TV. The family gathered in a parking lot to surprise her with, not only Mychal's presence AND the TV, but something else, too.

The truth is, her car has been acting up, and Mychal wanted to give her a car that works, because he "can." Rest in peace, Grand AM.

And lemme just tell you - from a mom's perspective? Just the part where they're walking to the car, hand in hand, before he even surprised her had me all misty-eyed. Telling her she looked beautiful; her saying that she just got her hair done. I can't even.

Thanks for the dose of kindness today, Mychal and your entire family. So happy for your Mom!

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