This past Friday, Ben Siegel's Reptile store in Deerfield Beach, Florida held a contest that to see who could eat the most live cockroaches and live worms.  Around 30 people competed for the grand prize, a python.

32-year-old Edward Archbold of West Palm Beach was the champion after downing 30 cockroaches, 100 millipedes, and 30 worms.  Sadly after his victory he got sick and began to vomit before collapsing.  He was ruched to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

There is still no word on his official cause of death, though eating the bugs would seem to be the reason.  However experts say that is extremely rare, since all of the insects involved in the contest are safe to eat unless he had an allergy.  None of the other contestants got sick as a result of eating the insects.

Store owner Ben Siegel says that they feel terrible about what happened.  All contestants signed a waiver accepting responsibility for whatever happened in the contest.