This Colorado mailman is definitely dog's best friend.

Jeff Kramer works for the Post Office, and has a route in Boulder, Colorado. A few years back, he met Tashi, a black lab, at a house he delivers to. Tashi came running out to him and became an every day staple on his route.

However, Tashi is now 14, and has trouble getting around. Which means he couldn't get up and down the front steps - his owners had to carry him, which is a challenge because he's a 70 lb dog.

Kramer's dog Odie passed away a few years back, and he's had Odie's old ramp sitting in his backyard ever since. So, he dropped off the wood for Tashi's owners. Unfortunately, they're not very handy, so Kramer offered to put it together for them.

Tashi's owners say that it's been a blessing. Not just the ramp, but their awesome mailman. *sniffle, tear*

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