Not many people realize how much work and effort go into rehearsals for stage shows. So, it probably should not be a surprise that someone like Madonna could suffer some bumps and bruises in the process. Her new World Tour preparation has caused Madonna some bumps and bruises, not to mention scrapes and scars.

Madonna posted the shots on her Facebook. There’s one of her bruised leg, swollen lip and her rump.

Leave it to Madonna to post a photo of an “artistic” wound. She posted a photo of a “heart-shaped bruise on my a....” If you check out the photo above on the far left, the butt bruise does indeed look like a heart.

The images prove that Madonna is working her butt off. Preparing for a World Tour is justification for taking a few bumps and bruises.

Madge will hit the road to support ‘MDNA,’ due March 26, this spring. The tour launches on May 29 in Israel.