Officials in the Detroit suburb of Madison Heights are putting up "No Hit" signs to designate areas where parents are prohibited from spanking their children.

City council officials tell WILX that it is time for "parents to raise their children differently" and they have instituted the policy at 10 city-owned properties.

The policy is the brainchild of David Soltis, a councilman who is also a healthcare administrator. He claims spanking children does more harm than good in the long run.

There will be no tickets or penalties issued to parents who violate the policy. Soltis says the signs are in place to start a conversation about child abuse.

Do cities have the right to mandate that parents are not allowed to spank their children on city-owned property?

I'll admit I'm old-school. My kids got a few swats when they were little. It was never anything severe and nothing that could be construed as child abuse. I stand by that decision as the right thing to do.

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