Very nice job and done classily, for a good cause.

Good News is a little bit different this morning - while the cause that they're trying to bring awareness to is somewhat sad, the fact that they used a normally jovial video opportunity to do so is the key.

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office posted their lip sync challenge video on Saturday with a "viewer discretion advised" warning - there is actual body cam footage of officers using Narcan on somebody who is overdosing.

They also say that EVERYBODY you see in the video was saved because of Narcan. It definitely moved me to tears; I worked with Families Against Narcotics here in Genesee County for a year when I was dealing with a pain-pill addiction in my family. It's a wonderful organization.

Thanks, Macomb Sheriffs Office, for shedding more light on this problem in a very classy way.

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