A Macomb County woman is finally getting what she deserves after she attempted to drown an adorable puppy multiple times in the Clinton River.

Macomb Circuit Court Judge James Biernat sentenced Amber Nicole Sunde, 26, of Shelby Township to six months in jail. Thankfully the judge also gave this loser 18 months of probation following the jail sentence. Plus, she's not allowed to own an animal while she's in jail or while she's on probation. Honestly, I don't think she should be allowed to ever own an animal again after what she did. As a bonus, the judge is also making her pay for all the dog's medical bills.

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So what exactly did she do to this poor little puppy?

According to MLive, back in January, the then-6-month-old puppy Lux suffered several broken bones in his legs and a fractured skull during the incident. Apparently, the woman threw the little puppy into the freezing cold Clinton River multiple times with hopes of drowning him but witnesses said the puppy kept crawling back out of the water to her every time she'd toss him in. At one point she even attempted to hold him underwater.

Finally, someone called 911. I don't know how they could just stand there watching this woman do something so horrific to a puppy.

There is a chance that one of Lux's legs might have to be amputated because the injuries were so severe.

Thankfully, the woman is going to spend some time behind bars and Lux has since been adopted by a police officer that was close to the case.

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