Bon Voyage! If heading out on a luxury cruise has been on your bucket list, but you aren't looking to travel far, get ready to pack your bags. You can now hop aboard a luxury cruise ship and travel Michigan's Great Lakes.

Viking Cruise lines launched its new line of cruise ships which includes the luxury liner, Octantis. Built this year, the ship has been spotted over the past week throughout the Great Lakes making its first stops launching the ship's Great Lakes excursion season.

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Although Viking has offered other Great Lakes cruises, the Octantis will offer the new Great Lakes Collection cruise. Lasting 15 days, the cruise will make stops in Detroit, Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island, and Thunder Bay.

"The largest and most modern ship in the Great Lakes, the Viking Octantis represents Viking’s significant investment in tourism for the region," a news release said according to the Detroit Free Press. "The ship will explore itineraries throughout the Great Lakes with ports of call in Canada and the United States this spring, summer, and fall. In 2023, the Viking Octantis will be joined by its identical sister ship, the Viking Polaris for additional exploration."

Viking isn't just throwing around the term luxurious with this new floating masterpiece either. The Octantis is truly something amazing. At 665 feet, the ship will accommodate 378 passengers along with 256 crew members. Throughout the 5 decks, passengers will find a wide variety of suites, deluxe staterooms, a library, terraces, pools, dining experiences, lounges, shops, spas, and even the height of luxury...penthouse suites.

Cruise packages start at $13,995 for the 15-day Great Lakes Collection cruise. If that's too many days at sea, or the price tag is a little steep, Viking does offer other excursions that travel the Great Lakes as well starting at $5,995.

For more information or to book your Great Lakes adventure, click here. 

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