Lowe's and Big Lots have discontinued sales of a red, white, and blue welcome mat which features stars and stripes.

John F. Kelly, a Vietnam War veteran in Missouri, complained that the doormat is disrespectful to flag that he and others fought to to defend.

"You don't tread on an American flag. You don't wipe dirty boots on them. You don't walk on them. That's a patriotic symbol that represents freedom and the country, and the people in it," Kelly said.

Big Lots posted the following statement on its Facebook page:

We value our customers [SIC] feedback on the American flag doormats. Big Lots would never intentionally dishonor our countries [SIC] flag or the Men and Women of the Armed Services. The American flag doormats are being pulled from our store shelves. Thank you for continuing to shop at Big Lots.

But is the doormat truly inappropriate? It features stars and stripes, and its colors are red, white, and blue, but it's not a replica of the flag. Are veterans overreacting by demanding the items be pulled from store shelves?


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