After 19 months and 4,500 miles, this kitty was reunited with his family, right here in Michigan.

The Sutherland family was hopping on a flight to complete their permanent move from Hawaii to Michigan in December of 2013. When the plane landed, their Siamese cat Bogie was nowhere to be found. He had escaped from the cargo hold before the plane took off.

Months went by, and the family had lost all hope...until recently. A volunteer for the organization Hawaii CatFriends spotted a neutered, friendly Siamese cat, hanging out with a pack of strays near the Honolulu airport. Eventually, he gained that cat's trust and captured it...and found that it had a microchip.

Last Friday, Bogie was reunited with his family in Detroit! Hillary Sutherland told WXYZ-Detroit that "it's amazing" that he was found alive and brought to Michigan.

Let's hope he doesn't hop another plane back to Hawaii after he experiences his first Michigan winter....



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